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Perspectives on modern and contemporary Indian art, artists, curators and collectors.
  • Autumn 2020 Up Close: Akar Prakar (Asia Week New York)

    Reena Lath presents works by prominent Indian contemporary artist Jayashree Chakravarty.

  • Perspectives on Indian contemporary art: Ganesh Pyne – Dr. Mukund Lath on Ganesh Pyne

    In this freewheeling conversation, Dr. Mukund Lath, along with Dr. Prakash Kejriwal and Pranabranjan Ray, talks about viewing Ganesh Pyne’s work at a triennale in Delhi during the 1960s. “It had a beautiful blend of modernism and ethnicity,” he adds, while fondly recalling his earliest meetings with the great master in Kolkata, especially his visits …

  • ganesh pyne photo

    Perspectives on contemporary Indian art – Ella Dutta on Ganesh Pyne

    Script and Narration by Ella Datta: Ganesh #Pyne, one of the most outstanding #painters of the post-1950s generation of artists, was born in the then Calcutta, now #Kolkata, in 1937. In the mid-1950s, he joined the Government art college in Calcutta. In the early 1950s, Pyne saw a retrospective of Abanindranath Tagore’s works, and it …

  • F. N. Souza, Untitled, Serigraph, 16 x 22 inch, 1994

    Collector’s Guide: Six Facts to Know About Fine Art Prints and Limited Edition Prints

    We have published this explainer alongside the launch of SHOP, Akar Prakar’s Online Buying Platform, featuring limited edition signed prints (such as serigraphs and lithographs) by India’s finest modern and contemporary artists.

  • artVarta Research and Publishing Grant

    Open Call: Second edition of ‘artVarta Research and Publishing Grant’

    We are excited to announce the second edition of Akar Prakar’s ‘artVarta Research and Publishing Grant’. The Grant is conceptualised to support the work and research of emerging scholars, curators, artists and publishers who are innovatively thinking about the book-form and ways of publishing, including self-publishing.

  • Of Lines and Words – Navigating the Complexities of C. Douglas’ paintings

    Born in the southern Indian state of Kerala in 1951, C. Douglas is one of the most collected artists of the Madras Art Movement in India. C. Douglas’ works in our new Online Exhibition, ‘In Search of Fragments’, capture his journey from the 1990s until the last few years.

  • Natvar Bhavsar, Vanaraavan, 1991, painting on canvas

    Abstracting Colour: Natvar Bhavsar

    Natvar Bhavsar’s paintings do not reflect our immediate realities or matters of the physical world, as we know it. And yet, viewing his paintings, despite the lack of representational forms, is an intense visual experience.

  • “I try to paint a land that is my own”— Ganesh Haloi’s memorable quotes on painting

    Ganesh Haloi is one of India’s foremost abstract painters. He is widely credited for his contribution to modern art in the subcontinent. His vocabulary combines influences from his deep study of the traditional Ajanta murals, along with a painstaking exploration of minimalist and non-representational forms that stand out for their modernist character. He was born …

  • In Conversation With Curator Erin Gleeson

    Originally from Minneapolis, Erin Gleeson’s engagement with Cambodian history and art began more than 15 years ago, through a human rights research grant awarded by the University of Minnesota. Since then, the focus of her work has been researching methodologies of human rights education; and working on a photographic archive on genocide and prison torture …

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