Manish Pushkale

Born in 1973, in Bhopal, Manish Pushkale received a Master’s Degree in Painting from Bhopal, and a Postgraduate degree in Conservation from the National Museum, Delhi. He has developed a foundation for the language of abstraction, which now carries an imprint of his distinct style. His work has attained maturity and extraordinary significance owing to several shifts in experimentation and experience. He is one of India’s highly regarded young painters, known for his contribution to contemporary art through his novel approach. On the one hand, his works are a play of formal dichotomies, such as light and shade; mark and erasure; form and formless; restraint and excess; and control and indulgence. On the other, his paintings have also matured into a state that confronts and assimilates these contrasts, achieving a form of refined harmony. His works are deeply rooted in Indian aesthetics. 

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Other than participating in many solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad, Manish is a recipient of many awards, honours and residencies. He represented the country at the Festival of India in France in 2016; and showed his work at Musee de Guethary, France. He was a fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Nantes in 2014. He is one of the trustees at the Raza Foundation, where he is involved in co-editing AROOP, a visual arts journal published by the foundation, among other responsibilities. He has written many books on arts, and has recently published a novel in Hindi. 

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