Dharmendra Prasad

Bihar-born Dharmendra Prasad identifies himself as an artist who was born in between stories, discriminations, hierarchies, chaos and silence, and without any address. He graduated from S.N. School of Arts and Communications, University of Hyderabad. After completing MFA (Painting) from University of Hyderabad, Dharmendra’s move to Assam made him discover the region’s ecology as a form of library and harvest, which became a philosophical ground for his practice.

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His work involves collaborations with people from the rural communities in Assam, such as people with different occupational backgrounds, particularly farmers and artisans. Through multiple notions of landscapes, he addresses themes of ecology, history, material culture, water bodies, agrarian spaces and its countless conflicts in the context of global crisis.

Dharmendra has participated at a number of national and international residencies and exhibitions, such as the Pepper House Residency, Kochi-Muziris Biennale, 2018-19; PEERS Artists’ Residency at Khoj International Artist’s Association, New Delhi, 2018; Collection Bureau – a pollinator project, India Art Fair, New Delhi, 2018; and the UKERI project exhibition, Wimbledon College of Arts, London, 2015. He is a founder member of Anga Art Collective (2010), which is based in Guwahati.

The artist lives and works in Assam.

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